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the hmgc experience


connections. moments. memories

Highland is committed to inspiring the moments and creating an environment that nurtures the foundation of family, friendships, and personal connections through a fun and casual social recreational experience. Highland Meadows is a club, for you, for family, and for those friends that become family. Come for the fun and stay for the lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories. Here, family extends far beyond your household.

Whether it is sitting down to a family meal and a panoramic view of the course in the main dining room or patio, having a drink or two with buddies in the grill room, sharing laughs at member parties, bonding over those close calls on the course, soaking in some rays or splashing poolside, Highland is more than a club. It is a group of people who want to play, swap stories, relax, and share good times.

It is Highland Meadows Golf Club’s mission to aspire to embody, bring to life, and be nothing less than the new standard in golf and family fun for members, guests, and the local community! In other words, have some fun; capture those moments that create life long and unforgettable memories.

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